Annuity - Discover the Benefits

Setting up a guaranteed income for your future in something Northland Wood Agency wants to help you with. Transitioning from saving to spending is not an easy adjustment and making sure you will not outlive your savings is a concern most of us have as we near retirement. To help you reach your retirement goals, explore a variable annuity. What is a variable annuity? It's a long- term investment designed to provide flexible payout options to meet your income needs in retirement. Funds are invested in professionally managed investment options that you select, and accumulate tax-deferred until you begin taking an income. A variable annuity also offers a death benefit for your beneficiaries.


To learn more about variable annuities contact us for an appointment and learn:


  • How to create predictable lifetime income for retirement
  • Gain access to professionally managed investment portfolios
  • Provide a guaranteed death benefit for your beneficiaries
Annuities by Northland Wood Insurance in Kansas City Missouri